General Information


General Information

For 6000 years, for which there is evidence, the olive and the olive oil include an integral piece of the lifes of Greek people and of course the residents of Thassos

In order for us to connect the production processwith the history and culture of our land, we created, next to our facilities of our olive mill, a visitable place that is home to the Olive Oil Museum Of Thassos.

Inside the museum, the visitor can see the olive mill (through some big windows you can see the production line, the storage tanks and the packing lines) that is visitable only after prior agreement with VIELTHA's manager as there must be followed high specifications of food safety

The entrance fee in the exhibition costs 1€.

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From 19th of September
The Olive Oil Museum Prinos, Thassos, is opened for visitors
Monday to Saturday: 09:00 - 17:00
Sundays: Closed