Organic Olive Oil Mills of Thassos

Olive Oil Museum, Thassos

On the ground floor

Production Methods within the centuries

A large collection of exhibits that proves the olive oil production in Thassos for centuries

On the 1st floor

Photo exhibit area

A large photo exhibit for the history of the olive, its connection with the Greek culture, the ways of oil-producing etc.

On the 1st floor

Domestic folk culture of Thasos

The domestic folk culture of Thasos is closely connected with the culture of olive, the vine and the sea.

In an effort to save a part of this heritage, we created the wing of SOTIRIA TYROLOGOY (S.T.), with her creations, as they took place in the various phases of her life and were saved in her son’s house.

In the yard

Exterior - Olive Tree Varieties

In the land around the museum

Projection Room

you can watch there some very interesting movies concerning the olive tree and its history, as well as how a quality olive oil is produced.

Product Showroom

In our product showroom you can taste and see the quaility difference of the products that our company produces with the latest and purest methods, and also you can buy them for your personal use, or as a gift for your friends


Στον προαύλιο χώρο του Μουσείου, στην Βορειοανατολική πλευρά του, γίνεται αρχαιολογική ανασκαφή καθώς βρέθηκαν εκεί απομεινάρια αποθήκης με 16 πιθάρια (πιθεώνας). Ο πιθεώνας αυτός πιθανολογείται ότι ανήκε σε κάποια αγροικία ή ήταν αποθηκευτικός χώρος κάποιου ελαιοτριβείου. Η ανασκαφή και αρχαιολογική έρευνα βρίσκεται σε εξέλιξη.

In the yard

Coffee shop

In the beautiful garden of our museum with the aromatic plants, under the wooden kiosk there is our coffee shop that you can stop by during your visit, and enjoy your coffee or your soda, gazing the blue sea...

The Founder

Dr Argirios Tyrologos
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Time schedule

From 1st of May
The Olive Oil Museum Prinos, Thassos, is opened for visitors
Mon-Sat: 09:00 - 16:00
Sundays: Closed

From 1st of June
The Olive Oil Museum Prinos, Thassos, is opened for visitors
Mon-Sun: 09:00 - 19:00

Time schedule

From 17th October
Museum will remain closed for visitors. You can visit it
only upon request at tel: +30 25930 71950